Metway Studios

Metway recording studio is a recording and mixing facility based in Brighton on the South Coast of England. It is the home of the Levellers and is proud to represent itself as a creative hub for musicians, artists and songwriters alike.

“Metway was the perfect studio for us to record our new album. The live room is fantastic and the monitoring is world class. Toby knew how to deliver the sound we were looking for. It’s private with a relaxed friendly, vibe so we could just get on with making the record” – Sleeper

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Studio News

  • 07/06/19
    New Kitchen!
    We have completely revamped the Metway kitchen and it's looking better than ever! Whether you just want to heat up a pizza, or cook from scratch, we very much hope you will enjoy cooking in it. Outside catering can also be organised upon request.

From their early gigs in Brighton in the spring of 1988 — in venues such as The Richmond and The Zap — Levellers were a ‘gang band’ that attracted an instant following. Then as now, just like their heroes The Clash, they represented a potent brew of activism and hedonism. Their music appealed to the head, the heart and the feet in equal measure. The self-styled ghetto kings of downside town, Levellers never looked back. And on and on the river flowed.

Over the years Levellers have worn many masks; most self-made, some imposed upon them. Pastoral folk-punks, poster boys for the underdogs, Top of the Pops-bothering pop stars. But while their status has evolved over the decades, the basic humanity underpinning their music has remained constant. Often political, occasionally angry but always big-hearted, their songs became instant anthems.

They have co-written 20 chart singles and 6 Top 40 albums (including a Number 1) and are festival favourites and have cemented their cherished status with headline performances at Glastonbury, Isle Of Wight, Cambridge Folk Festival, Bestival and Boomtown and many European and UK events and in 2003 they successfully created their own annual Beautiful Days Festival which takes place in August at Escot Park in Devon.

Recorded at Metway Studio

cover-Hello-Pig-RGB Levellers Hello Pig
OTF003FD Levellers Letters from the Underground
cover-truth-and-lies-RGB Levellers Truth and Lies
Cover-greenblade-RGB Levellers Green Blade Rising
cover-Mouth-to-Mouth-RGB Levellers Mouth to Mouth
cover-Zeitgeist-RGB Levellers Zeitgeist
reviews-direction-of-travel-press-roundup-2 She Makes War Direction of Travel
3614592404480 Asian Dub Foundation More Signal More Noise
51TAndU2QrL._SY355_ Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Music from the Motion Picture
a3446023647_16 Electric Soft Parade American Adventure
MI0003121003 Clearlake Cedars
089f214f5678e700eccb8ef957b00fa7c34c8368 Super Collider Raw Digits
MI0001901861 Electrelane Rock it to the Moon
MI0002536449 Oysterband Here I Stand
R-2795672-1309857557.jpeg Gold Blade Drop the Bomb
Howard Howard Marks Do Not Go Gentle
yonaka Yonaka Don't Wait 'Til Tomorrow
Modern Age Sleeper The Modern Age
24 songs The Wedding Present 24 Songs
kula-shaker_natural-magick_cd Kula Shaker Natural Magick